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Statement: Plumsted for Progress Stands with the AAPI Community

March 20, 2021

Protestors with protest signs
Photograph: Ringo Chiu/AFP/Getty Images

Plumsted for Progress condemns the recent surge of anti-Asian racism and violence across our country. We mourn the precious lives lost and grieve for the families of the victims. To our Asian and Asian American neighbors, we see you, value you, and stand with you.

Let’s be clear—the mass shooting in Georgia was a heinous and racially-motivated hate crime. This tragedy and other recent attacks are the direct results of racist rhetoric spouted by the Trump administration, people in positions of power, and right-wing news outlets since the beginning of the pandemic. We demand accountability from those who inflamed anti-Asian sentiment or were complicit with their silence.

Anti-Asian racism is not new; throughout U.S. history, the AAPI community has been attacked, stereotyped, dehumanized, fetishized, scapegoated, silenced, and erased. To that end, we call for the eradication of these historic systems of oppression and demand reparations for the generational harm they have caused.

In the coming weeks, Plumsted for Progress will explore new ways our organization can support, uplift, and ensure the safety of our local AAPI community and begin dismantling systems of white supremacy in Plumsted. Visit or contact to learn more and get involved.

Check out organizations like HateIsaVirus, StopAAPIHate, RacismIsaVirus for additional information and resources.

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