Volunteers in New Egypt Marketing Place parking lot

Who We Are

Founded in June of 2020, Plumsted for Progress is a growing community of friends and neighbors dedicated to making Plumsted Township a more welcoming place for everyone. We are a diverse collection of individuals united around a commonly shared mission.

Our mission:

  • Cultivate a welcoming and inclusive environment by supporting, uplifting, and ensuring the safety of marginalized groups.

  • Promote diversity in our government, schools, and businesses.

  • Maintain transparency and accountability within ourselves and our community.

  • Foster harmony, equity, and opportunity throughout Plumsted and beyond.

We will accomplish these goals through advocacy, community events, educational workshops, fundraising drives, and support groups that center the needs and voices of the least heard members of our community.

Speaker at the June 2020 BLM Protest in Plumsted